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Search Continues For Mila Kunis Stalker Who Escaped From Pomona Facility

POMONA ( — Deputies Monday released new details regarding how a man who was sentenced for stalking actress Mila Kunis was able to escape from a mental health facility.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Stuart Lynn Dunn broke out of the Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center around 8 p.m. on Saturday.

A preliminary investigation revealed Dunn broke out of a bathroom window in the facility, broke through a security device and crawled out to freedom.

The facility is surrounded by fences, but it remains unclear if Dunn scaled a wall in order to escape, according to L.A. County Probation Department Chief Reaver Bingham.

"As we understand it, he went into the restroom to shower, and was able to pry open a small window," Deputy Chief LA County Probeation's Reaver Bingham said.

Deputies referred to the incident as an "unauthorized departure."

Laura Diaz, who lives just outside the facility, says escapes are actually rather common.

"They're always jumping over here," Diaz said. "They always jump this way, or the neighbors' side. Wherever they decide to jump they jump."

Mila Kunis stalker
Authorities say Stuart Lynn Dunn broke out of the Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center around 8 p.m. on Saturday. (credit: CBS)

Dunn was arrested several times for stalking Kunis. In February 2012, he was ordered to stay away from her for three years.

A few months later, Dunn was arrested after he violated restraining orders and waited for Kunis in a gym parking lot for three days.

In 2013, he was ordered to stay away from Kunis, her managers, assistants, family and agents for 10 years.

Dunn pleaded no contest to felony stalking charges, and was given five years probation where he was presumably supposed to serve out at the health center.

The probation department says Dunn is still obsessed.

"During the course of his supervision, he continued a fixation on Ms. Kunis," Bingham said.

Authorities have notified Kunis about Dunn's escape.

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