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Sea World Produces 1st 'Test-Tube' Penguin

SAN DIEGO ( — Hundreds of penguins have hatched at Sea World, but Magellan 184 is different.

That's because 184 is the first of any penguin species to be produced through artificial insemination, using frozen then thawed semen.

CBS2's Amy Johnson learned about the cutting-edge reproductive technology that is making strides in conservation efforts and could potentially help threatened or endangered species in the wild.

"Artificial insemination and semen preservation allows us to maximize the genetic diversity of these populations and that means they remain healthy and stable into the future," said Justine O'Brien of the SeaWorld Reproductive Research Center.

That ensures penguins will be around for generations to come.

184 started out as an egg in one of Sea World's incubators, but has grown up like any other bird.

"You could not tell if she was from frozen-thawed, or fresh chilled semen or even from natural breeding," said O'Brien. "She's happy and healthy, and that's what we want to see."


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