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School Board Vice President Covers Confederate Flag, Marriage Equality In 10-Minute Rant

CHINO ( — The vice president of the Chino Valley Unified School Board is under fire as the result of a 10-minute rant at a board meeting, covering everything from marriage equality to the Confederate flag.

Andrew Cruz took the microphone at the July 16 school board meeting and proceeded to make comments that led to some parents asking him to step down.

"It is stated upon our foundation and sealed in our hearts that a union between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others so that children may know and may be raised by their biological parents," Cruz said in one segment of the rant.

He also went on to cover topics including the new California law requiring children receive certain vaccines.

"They take away your rights, your obligations to look after your best interests and your family," Cruz said. "This is un-American."

Parent Nicole Gockel is one of hundreds of parents she says are upset over the remarks made during the speech. She went so far as to start a Facebook page called Concerned Parents and Citizens of CVUSD in hopes Cruz will resign or be recalled.

"He alienated a lot of families with his remarks," Gockel said. "We're not saying he can't hold personal beliefs, but when they interfere with his ability to serve every child and every family in our school district, then he should be removed."

The board's president released a statement about the rant, reading in part: "My personal views on nationwide items of controversy hold no relevance in my duty to serve the children of our community. We want to stop bullying in schools? Then we as board members should lead by example."

The school district is also in the middle of a lawsuit. It is being sued by the group Freedom From Religion, who claims the district's use of prayer during meetings violates the First Amendment.

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