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Santa Clarita Valley Mother Warns Of Dangers Posed By Glass Shower Doors

CANYON COUNTRY ( — Canyon Country mother Rebecca Bruce and daughter Lily got a major scare Wednesday night from an unlikely source – the shower door.

Bruce's 7-year-old daughter Lily was trying to keep her sister from opening her glass shower door, when all of a sudden the glass exploded, cutting Lily from head to toe and sending her into a panic.

"She was like 'uh oh,' am I going to die?'" Bruce recalls. "I looked at her head and it was gushing blood. It looked like a car accident."

Bruce called paramedics, who took Lily to the hospital. There, Lily received three staples in her head, along with other staples, stitches and bandages throughout her body.

It was a rare but not unheard-of occurrence.

Scott Mittelman of Preferred Glass and Windows said tempered glass doors can break for a variety of reasons.

"If the temperature gets really warm or really cold, it can happen," Mittelman said. "(With) a defect in the glass it can happen, or just a blunt object hitting it hard."

Now, Bruce is trying to inform other parents that there is a risk to glass shower doors. She's considering switching to shower curtains while her six children are still young.

Bruce plans to contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission to report the incident, although she hasn't been able to determine the manufacturer of the doors.

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