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Santa Ana Police Searching For Robbery Suspect Stopped By 11-Year-Old Girl

SANTA ANA ( — Santa Ana police are looking for a robber stopped in his tracks by an 11-year-old girl.

Genesis Ramos was headed to school with her mother and older sister Monday morning when the family stopped at a 7-Eleven on East Warner and South Grand avenues.

The fourth-grader and her sister stayed behind in the vehicle as her mother went inside to get cash.

That's when she says the suspect opened the front car door and took her mother's wallet off the front seat.

Genesis, however, wouldn't to let the man take off. She chased the suspect down and refused to let him close his door, demanding the wallet back.

The suspect acquiesced and Genesis ran back to tell her mother what had happened.

"She said she loved me but that she was scared. She said I was brave but she said next time to not do that to just let him go because my life is worth more than her wallet," Genesis said.

The girl's mother, Grace Ramos, couldn't believe her daughter was so brave.

"At that moment, I asked her, 'Are you OK? Are you OK? I'm so sorry,' and I was, you know, shaking. She was shaking. But I didn't know what happened until she started talking to the officer. That's when I heard the story and that's when I realized what happened," she said.

Genesis didn't stop there. She got out her cell phone and snapped a photograph of the suspect's vehicle and his license plate as he was driving off.

Surveillance video from inside the store shows the suspect wearing a blue shirt.

Police are working to track the man down.

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