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You Had One Job: Misspelled Freeway Sign Points The Way To 'San Bernadino'

Misspelled "San Bernadino" sign. (SOURCE: Sky9/CBSLA)
Misspelled "San Bernadino" sign. (SOURCE: Sky9/CBSLA)

MONROVIA (CBSLA) — It probably won't cause anybody to get lost, but a misspelled freeway sign is chafing some copy editors here at CBS2 News.

Sky 9 was over the Monrovia area Saturday when someone noticed a misspelled sign reading "San Bernadino" near the 210 east on-ramp off Huntington Drive.

To the sign maker's credit, the pronunciation of "San Bernardino" might actually be closer to the erroneous spelling.

It's so misspelled, in fact, the L.A. Times reported that during the tragic 2015 mass shooting in the city, the hashtag #SanBernadino was shared over 330,000 times, offending some.

At least this error is a bit less embarrassing than the "Los Fezil" debacle of 2015. It seems the "proofreader" position might yet be vacant.

But before you go bashing the person who gave the go-ahead for this sign, keep in mind even the City of San Bernardino had its own name misspelled on its website. A Google search shows the name was misspelled in the city's boilerplate contact info at some point.

And don't even try to talk to the obscure British band Christie about "San Bernadino." It got them a No. 7 record on the German charts in 1970.

Thank you, Wikipedia.

Christie: San Bernadino by Jeff Christie on YouTube
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