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San Bernardino officer caught on camera beating a suspect

San Bernardino police investigate beating of pursuit suspect
San Bernardino police investigate beating of pursuit suspect 02:35

A San Bernardino officer was caught on camera beating a pursuit suspect after a violent crash earlier this week.  

One neighboring resident said that it seemed like the suspect wasn't "given an opportunity to comply."

"A knee to the face probably wasn't needed to deescalate the situation,"  the neighbor said. 

The video shows the San Bernardino Police Department officer punching and kneeing the man in the head while the suspect is already chest down on the ground. The officer repeatedly commanded the man to give him his hands. However, as that man is punched, it appears one of his arms drops back down.

Officers carted the suspect away in handcuffs after the rough ordeal. They originally started the pursuit because the car was stolen and continued it because he allegedly drove away from them at a high rate of speed before crashing into a pole near 50th Street and Electric Avenue.

"Our agency strives for a standard of excellence and this situation appears to fall short," Police Chief Darren Goodman said in a written statement. "We will take the necessary steps to correct any officer's actions that are inconsistent with protecting our community, providing quality service and fostering trust."

The suspect was charged with multiple felonies. The department launched an investigation into the officers actions, decision-making skills and to determine if he violated any policies.

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