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San Bernardino mountain residents see more snow, rain after disastrous blizzard

Powerful winds push sheets of rain in snow-battered Crestline
Powerful winds push sheets of rain in snow-battered Crestline 02:36

Powerful winds pushed sheets of rain across the Crestline sky, putting even more pressure on trees that have already taken a beating over the last several storms.

The 12th atmospheric river of the season unleashed a torrent of rain and snow across the San Bernardino mountains, causing rockslides on SR-18, road and retaining wall damage on SR-189 on the way to Lake Arrowhead and a partial shoulder washout on CA-330. 

"It's a bit concerning," said restaurant manager Yocelin Martinez. "We're just hoping that it's nothing major and we don't get stuck up here."

Martinez and her family own Mountain Cravings Restaurant in Crestline. She said this winter has delivered the most snow she's seen in the nearly three decades she's lived in the mountains. However, more snow is expected to be on the way. Overnight, an estimated 1-4 feet of snow is expected to fall onto the area, worrying everyone after the recent blizzard.

"We're just hoping it doesn't snow as much as it did last time just because we had to be closed for a few days," said Martinez. "So far, it doesn't look too bad but we're just keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't get worse."

San Bernardino County Fire Engineer Eric Sherwin is warning drivers that the mix of wind, snow, rain and very low visibility could create difficult or even impossible driving conditions. 

"Caltrans and the Department of Public Works have been doing a good job of keeping the roads clear," said Sherwin. "We ask that you use caution when driving. The high winds could lead to downed trees."

The recent blizzard devastated the area, knocking down trees and closing roads. Martinez hopes that her business, and the roads, will remain open. 

"Yes, we're tired of it," said Martinez. "I mean I love the snow but it's just been too much."

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