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Same-Sex Couples Plan Weddings As Prop 8 Proponents Vow To Fight On

LOS ANGELES ( — Same-sex couples continued to make wedding plans Sunday despite the fact that proponents of Prop 8 have filed an emergency motion to ask the Supreme Court to stop gay marriages in California.

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that proponents didn't have legal standing to bring a case in front of the court, in affect, striking down Prop 8.

On Friday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which was expected to overturn Prop 8 in the next 25 days, instead said same-sex marriages could resume "immediately."

Cristy Fajardo, reporting for KCAL9, went to West Hollywood Saturday where she said wedding preparations were well underway.

Al Evans launched a same-sex wedding business just yesterday and already she says business is brisk.

"I just started passing out flyers," says Evans, "and I already have three clients right away."

One couple using Evans' services are Torre Webb and Nikki Williams. They plan to tie the knot next summer.

Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom has already filed a motion asking the Supreme Court to stop the weddings. The group believes the 9th Circuit acted prematurely on Friday when they lifted the stay.

On their website, the group's head, Allan Sears, vowed to keep fighting. "Under California law it appears that Proposition 8 still stands because there is no appellate court decision striking it down, which is necessary to void an initiative of the people of that state," Sears said.

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