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Rooftop restaurant Perch LA charging security fee to customers

Rooftop restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles adds "security charge" to diners' bills
Rooftop restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles adds "security charge" to diners' bills 03:26

A swanky hotspot in Downtown Los Angeles has added a "security charge" to their diners' bills on top of tipping. 

Perch LA will add a 4.5% fee on every bill for additional security measures, according to its website. 

"I mean, Perch is like on the 10th floor. So, I think they're kind of taking advantage," diner Johnny DeLaCruz said. 

Perch sits around Hill Street and Fifth Street near Pershing Square where there is a Metro Stop. There were some folks outside who may have made some patrons nervous. 

"I honestly don't feel that safe so it might be necessary," diner Eve Li said. 

The business claims they need extra security since they have multiple floors. However, some belive that should make things safer. 

"I mean, it was a convenience store, I'd understand, but you gotta go up the stairs," DeLaCruz said. 

USC business professor Shon Hiatt said the extra fees are a way businesses are trying to address increased labor costs and input costs. 

"I'm not surprised just because of the massive inflation we're feeling," Hiatt said. 

Hiatt added that restaurants have seen a nationwide 7% decline in diners in the past six months. He believes the added fees are a way to offset that and expects more to pop up.

"I think one of the worries is that this may affect the gratuity or tip you give employees at sit-down restaurants because you see the additional fees, why would I give another 15% in a tip," Hiatt said. 

Some diners had the same exact thought. 

"I think it's a bad idea adding any extra charge," Li said.

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