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Rodeo Drive Shut Down As 1,000 Foodies Gather For Famed Dîner En Blanc

LOS ANGELES ( — Rodeo Drive was closed to traffic and freckled in white Wednesday evening as over 1,000 foodies gathered for Dîner en Blanc.

The culinary spectacle, launched in Paris over 25 years ago, made L.A. its latest destination at dusk.

Organizers made the announcement on August 3, inviting members to gather in West Hollywood, where the secret location for their dinner was unveiled.

Guests are required to dress all in white and conduct themselves "with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette" for the meet, described by the group's co-founder, François Pasquier, as a mass "'chic picnic' in a public space".

Local L.A. event co-host Sunny Kalara described the pop-up picnic as a homage to the decadent soirées thrown by F. Scott Fitzgerald's most famous protagonist, Jay Gatsby.

"In this age of over stimulation, it is nice to have an event that is a throwback to the old times of pure white ambiance, elegant dressing and old fashioned picnic. I'll travel to the end of the world for a good picnic. I believe if Great Gatsby was hosting parties today, he would host Dîner en Blanc," Kalara said.

Guests must know a member of the organization to receive an invitation. You may also join the waiting list to become part of the festivities by registering at Dîner en Blanc's website.

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