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Road Crews Printing On Chino Hills Streets Need A Basic Spelling Lesson

CHINO HILLS (  — If 11-year-old Matthew was grading the spelling of a Chino Hills stop sign, the sixth-grade spelling bee whiz kid wouldn't be forgiving.

"That's an F minus," Matthew said.

It's not a small mistake. It's a 6-foot by 6-foot whopper of a typo.

Road crews in his neighborhood printed S-T-P-O on the street before the cross walk.


His Chino Hills neighbors would not accept the sloppiness either.

"Stop-poo that's what I think," one neighbor said.

Many even pointed out there's sort of cheat sheet. The actual red and white stop sign was just feet away.

"They should have looked at that," a neighbor said. "They should have spell check."

Or run it by super speller Matthew.

Neighbors are now hoping word, of the misspelled word makes its way to city hall.

Officials are expected to come out Wednesday to fix the typo.

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