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Riverside Neighborhood Under Attack By Someone Brandishing BB Gun

RIVERSIDE  (   —  A Riverside neighborhood has been under attack for several weeks by someone shooting a BB gun at cars and people, authorities said.

CBS2's Crystal Cruz on Thursday spoke to several victims.

Shane Jones, 17, has a hand wound after being shot by a pellet gun.

"The doctor said when I was over there, if it hit my head, I would've died," Jones said.

Shane and his friend were playing in the river bottom in Riverside on Tuesday when an unknown person shot at them.

"I didn't know if I got bit by something or if somebody accidentally shot and didn't know who they were shooting at," he said.

Riverside police confirm there have been a number of vandalism reports, including car windows shot out around the north and east side of the city.

"Hey, what did we do? We don't deserve that," said Matthew Flores.

Earlier this week, two cars and their side windows were blasted out in front of Flores' home.

"It makes me mad because people work really hard for what they have, and for somebody to do something like this, it's just unfortunate. People don't have a respect," Flores said.

On the same street, Maurice Oliva's SUV was hit.

He and his wife estimate they have spent a few thousand dollars on repairs and new security cameras.

"My daughter sleeps upstairs, and if one of those pellets went into her room and hit her, it's very dangerous," Oliva said.

Riverside police need any surveillance video that homeowners may have.

Detectives also need any witnesses to contact them.


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