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Rialto Police Release Audio Of Rodney King 911 Call

RIALTO (CBS) — Police have released the 911 audio of the call reporting Rodney King at the bottom of his Rialto pool.

King, 47, died Sunday after his fiancee Cynthia Kelley found him at the bottom of pool of the home they shared in Rialto.

An autopsy was performed on King Monday, but the cause of death was deferred while the coroner awaits toxicology results.

Kelley is heard frantically telling dispatchers to hurry so she can call her mother and King's mother.


Kelley: "Hurry up, please! Oh my God! (sobbing) Hurry up! I gotta call my mom, I gotta call his mom. This is crazy!"

Dispatcher: "Ma'am, ma'am, how old is he?"

Kelley: "(Unintelligible) Hurry up please! What? Please, hurry up, please. Oh my God."

Dispatcher: "Ma'am, listen to me, we need to help him until they get there. How old is he?"

Kelley: "Rodney King, the guy that got beat by the police!"

Dispatcher: "OK, how old is he?"

Kelley: "He's 47 years old. He's not moving! He's at the bottom of the swimming pool!"

King became famous after his videotaped beating by Los Angeles Police officers in 1991. The acquittal of those officers of his beating sparked the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

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