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Retail Experts Crack Codes In Price Tags That Could Lead To Big Savings

LOS ANGELES ( — Retail experts have cracked codes in price tags that could lead to some big savings for consumers.

Popular stores appear to be using a system to mark down prices to sell clothes, shoes and some big ticket items and if you know what to look for, you could save a bundle.

"A lot of the major store chains have their own internal coding system," consumer expert Michele Ashamalla told CBS2's Melanie Woodrow.

Industry experts found that at Target, items with a price ending with 98 cents are bound for another markdown while prices ending with a four are at a final markdown. Home Depot uses the number six or a green tag to indicate the lowest price.

At the Gap and Old Navy, a price ending with a seven is a final markdown, while at Sears, the same is true for a price tag with 88 cents. There, 97 cents means the item is discontinued.

Shopper Josh Green says he'll now be among those changing his habits while browsing the racks.

"I had no idea... I'm going to have to go shopping again and just start looking for sevens," he said.

But buyer beware! If you wait too long to save, you could miss out on the season's sizzling items.

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