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Restaurant Owners Concerned About Outdoor Dining Prospects As Calif. Has Rain, Cooler Temperatures In The Forecast

ORANGE (CBSLA) -- Many restaurants across the U.S. and throughout the Southland have been struggling to stay open during the pandemic.

One restaurant owner in Orange County, Cheryl Turner, had to move her tea room outside in the street due to coronavirus restrictions.

"It's been bad," Turner said.

With cooler weather and some rain on the way, outdoor businesses fear they could be in for a new set of challenges since customers could be less likely to dine outdoors.

"When we heard we were gonna have rain (Saturday), we were trying to figure out how we are gonna do it without getting people's food wet. Umbrella holders. Things that a year ago you never would have thought you'd ever have to worry about," Turner said.

Turner is not alone in her concerns with other restaurant owners also growing worried about how they'll fare when the weather isn't in their favor.

Will Dee, another business owner, said they've worked out a deal to purchase two dozen heaters that can be used outdoors for when patrons come to dine.

"We have a tent coming that we'll be putting out," Dee said.

Loyal customers, who came out during the hot summer days, are what's keeping these businesses open and owners are hoping the devotion to their small businesses will continue through the winter and rainy days.

Some customers are already preparing for the changes and don't see it as a big concern.

"It's California so really you throw on a sweater and you're fine. And we are right next to a heater. The restaurant community has already been hit so terribly and we want to support them," said Myra Ramirez.

"It's really cold for California. But it's so nice, it's like a little Christmas movie with the heaters and they have all the lights and stuff," said Dorothy Castellana, another customer.


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