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Residents Warned After Violent Sex Offender Moves Into Neighborhood

HESPERIA (CBS) — A warning was issued to a community Monday after a violent sexual predator moved into an Inland Empire neighborhood.

Families in Hesperia learned about Martin Kenneth Smith's presence after he arrived and they said they were upset because so many registered sex offenders now live on their block.

"That's scary. That's very scary, said Lisa Saavedra, whose mom told her this morning that a man the state considers a sexually-violent predator has moved in two doors down the street.

"It's terrifying. I don't feel comfortable," she said.

Hesperia Police dropped off fliers to residents, who live on Chestnut Street in Hesperia, warning them that Smith was living in a house nearby.

Saavedra said she planned to take precautions, such as calling her mom or her boyfriend when she gets home late at night from work. Her mother said that one of them would meet her at her car and walk her inside her house.

"Oh yeah, definitely, with my German Shepherd of course," said Lisa's mother, Carol Saavedra, adding that she was worried.

"Yes I am, very much so. Because he is a violent rapist," she said.

According to the Megan's Law website, Smith lives in a home with four other registered sex offenders. At least two were home when we knocked on the door, but nobody answered.

Lisa's mother does not want Smith or any other sex offenders on her street.

"They should be out in the desert somewhere," Carol Saavedra said.

The Saavedra's have lived here for 26 years. Now they are surrounded by registered sex offenders -- five in one house and another one next door.

They do not consider their next door neighbor to be a threat, even though he spent almost three years behind bars for his offense.

He did not want his name used or face shown. He lives with his girlfriend and said the Saavedra's should be concerned living so close to Smith.

"Yeah, I believe so, because of the situation being a violent predator. Predator means 'looking for.' So yeah, they should be concerned," he said.

The Saavedra's said that they have never had trouble with anyone living in the nearby house. But with Smith there, they said they were worried.


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