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Only On 2: Silver Lake Residents Want To Know Who Put Up Phony Traffic Cameras To Get Drivers To Slow Down

SILVER LAKE ( — Stop! In the name of ...  safety?

There's a big mystery in Silver Lake.

Residents of Silver Lake and the city want to know who put up fake traffic cameras signs at a busy intersection.

It's a story Only On 2.

CBS2's Peter Daut reports from Silver Lake and the intersection of Coronado and Reservoir Streets.

The phony cameras and signs were installed on a utility pole -- and stayed up for two weeks -- before anyone noticed they weren't real.

Tonight, Daut says car after car could be seen blowing through the intersection.

"Most of these folks drive too fast down the street, and then zoom right through the four-way stop," says Silver Lake resident Eric Beteille.

For the past two weeks, people have actually welcomed the phony signs and traffic cameras. They made a big difference.

"I noticed cars were stopping," said Edward Salm.

LA's Department of Transportation says the three cameras and signs attached to the utility pole were not installed by any city agency.

After someone complained to the DOT this week, the bogus cameras and signs were taken down -- much to the disappointment of locals.

Residents told Daut they have complained about the busy intersection -- and drivers zooming through it -- for years.

"There's no harm that can possibly come from making people stop at a stop sign where they are legally already supposed to be stopping," says Lora Hall.

And though no one knows who the traffic vigilante is, they applaud him or her for trying to get drivers to simply obey the law.

The DOT told Daut they've seen phony signs before -- but never cameras. The cameras didn't record anything and have been discarded.

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