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Remarkable Video Shows Mountain Lion Dragging Deer In Verdugo Mountains

NEAR GLENDALE ( – A video shot this week in the Verdugo Mountains above Glendale provided a glimpse into what life is like for local mountain lions.

Photos and video taken Wednesday night by local residents show a mountain lion -- known to National Park Service biologists as P-41 -- dragging a deer from a hiding spot where he had buried it.

Earlier photos showed a bobcat and coyote sniffing around, searching for the deer.

The photos and video were taken by Johanna Turner and Dan Potter, local residents who are part of the Save LA Cougars campaign, which is a partnership between the National Wildlife Federation and the Santa Monica Mountains Fund. The campaign is aiming to get walkways built for wildlife, such as cougars, that can cross our freeways.

The region's freeway network has served to isolate the mountain lion population in the Santa Monica Mountains, biologists say. Earlier this month, biologists confirmed that a 4-week-old female mountain lion recently discovered in the Santa Monica Mountains was likely the product of inbreeding.

The NPS has been studying mountain lion movements in the Santa Monica Mountains since 2002 using GPS collars.

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