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Redlands Love Triangle Murder Trial Continues With Wife On The Stand

REDLANDS CBSLA) —    The murder trial of a woman accused of plotting the murder of her husband with her lover continued Friday with the woman breaking down on the stand.

Sabrina Limon teared up when her lawyer showed her a picture of Robert Limon, her late husband, along with  her and their kids.

KCAL9's Andrea Fujii reports her lawyer is trying to paint Sabrina as the victim -- suggesting she was manipulated by her former lover, Redlands firefighter Jonathan Hearn.

On the stand she said Hearn charmed her.

"He made me feel comforted, he made me feel like he was going to take care of, help take care of me," she testified.

She said her relationship with her husband changed for the worse once the couple became swingers. She met Hearn in 2012 and says they began an affair. He was 22 at the time and she was 32.

She is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder in the 2014 death of her husband. Hearn admitted shooting Robert but in a plea deal he testified against her saying she is equally guilty.

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On the stand he said, "It was inevitable that Rob needed to die for Sabrina and I to move forward with our relationship."

Security video showed someone leaving the Tehachapi BNSF Railroad complex where Limon worked right after his body was found. But it is still unclear who the person is.

On the stand, Sabrina said Hearn was controlling and tried to persuade her that he didn't kill her husband.

"He would tell me our affair was something that could be dangerous if found out in an investigation," she testified.

Her lawyer says there is no evidence linking her to the murder -- instead, she is a grieving widow who trusted the wrong person.

On the stand, she said the same.

"I was just clinging to that, my spiritual feeling at the time and I clung to Jonathan."

Limon was arrested after the murder but released for a lack of evidence. Hearn agreed to testify against her and she was re-arrested.


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