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Reckless driving continues along Pacific Coast Highway

Malibu mayor blasts reckless drivers along Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu mayor blasts reckless drivers along Pacific Coast Highway 02:07

Despite a violent crash that killed four Pepperdine students last month, Malibu Mayor Steve Uhring said that many drivers are still driving recklessly fast along Pacific Coast Highway.

"We've caught somebody doing 112 mph on PCH," said Uhring. "We got somebody else doing 109 mph on PCH."

The examples of dangerous driving is not limited to high speeds but also distract drivers weaving through the coastline highway. On Thursday, three cars collided just feet away from where the Pepperdine students were killed. However, this time, no one was injured. 

"Today, this individual bought food and apparently was eating food as he was driving down PCH," said Uhring. "Lost control of his car ... even on top of that, he's got a suspended license. Who are these people and why are we letting them out on the roads?"

The mayor said he's working with elected officials to craft solutions to improve safety along the city's 21-mile stretch of PCH. The city has already invested $39 million in safety improvements like traffic lights on crosswalks. 

Caltrans has reported more than 4,000 collisions on PCH in the past 10 years, according to Malibu officials. Speeding and improper turns have been the most common factors leading to crashes.

Uhring said although turning this around won't be a quick fix, he's committed to seeing it through. He criticized reckless drivers, imploring them to "grow up."

"You are responsible for the impact you have on your neighbors, community," he said. "You got to think about that. It's not about you its about what you're doing and how it's going to impact other people."

The PCH Task Force, comprised of state officials from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Malibu, along with law enforcement, will meet next week for its quarterly meeting. The group focuses on issues regarding the coastal highway.

-Lauren Pozen contributed reporting.

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