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Real-Life 'Fight Club' At Victorville High School?

VICTORVILLE ( — Parents are outraged after cellphone video captured baseball players at a Victorville high school duking it out on campus.

The footage, which was sent to CBS2 by a concerned parent, showed Victor Valley High School students brawling with boxing gloves, no protective head gear and no adults present in the varsity boys' changing room.

CBS2's Andrea Fujii said the unidentified parent, whose child doesn't attend Victor Valley, told her coaches have supported the behavior for years.

The parent said the brawls are supposedly a way for players to resolve their differences and the last boy standing wins.

Fujii said no one at Victor Valley wanted to speak on-camera Monday night, including Principal Chris Douglass.

Douglass, however, said students told him the brawl happened on one day, when JV players were messing around. He also insisted coaches were never involved in any of the fights.

The parent who sent the video said the fights didn't happen on the same day, as evidenced by the students wearing different clothing.

Fujii showed the video to parent Johnny Pulido, whose son is in the school's athletic program.

"It's not civilized, really, to be happening in our public schools," said Pulido.

It's unclear if any student has been seriously hurt in the fights, but parents said they want it stopped before it comes to that.

Elvin Momon, the superintendent of the Victor Valley Union High School District, confirmed administrators will investigate the incident and said there will be disciplinary action.

"Athletes are supposed to be role models," he said. "But again, they're young adults. There is still no excuse for their behavior."

Until the issue is resolved, players aren't allowed to go into the changing rooms without adult supervision.

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