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Rate of COVID 19 hospitalizations in LA County is on the rise

Rate of COVID 19 cases nationwide is on the rise
Rate of COVID 19 cases nationwide is on the rise 01:35

COVID-19 cases are rising nationwide as are the number of hospitalizations in Los Angeles County. 

Statewide figures show that more than 402 patients are currently hospitalized in LA County due to COVID 19. In Orange County, there were 118 individuals hospitalized, and in Riverside, 75. 

That seems to be the tread across the country as hospitalizations are up nationwide. More than 75 percent of the U.S. population lives in a "high" or "substantial risk" area with more than 100,000 people daily getting infected. 

Dr. David Agus, a CBS News medical contributor, says the actual case count is much higher. In response, Broadway is extending its mask policy through June and some school districts are bringing back masks. 

"I don't think restrictions," Agus said. "But I do think we need better education about what it means to get COVID 19. We need to understand the ramifications of exposure." 

But one-third of the U.S. population is still not vaccinated. 

Meanwhile, COVID booster shots are available in Los Angeles County for children ages 5 to 11. Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is encouraging parents to get their kids boosted before the summer travel season. Cases have increased more than 260 percent among that age group. Dr. Barbara Ferrer says the added protection can help. Children 12 to 17 have the highest rates of case infection. But those 5 to 11 are not too far behind. 


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