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"You can't have nice things": Rapper Wakko the Kidd on being shot during robbery in North Hollywood

Rapper shot six times in North Hollywood
Rapper shot six times in North Hollywood 01:56

A rapper who was jumped and shot six times in North Hollywood said he feels lucky to be alive after the terrifying ordeal. 

Rapper Wakko the Kidd was the victim of an attempted robbery when he was shot in the back, among other places. 

"One bullet went in my back, completely through me and out of my stomach," he said. "One bullet went through my stomach and came out of my back." 

He told CBSLA on Sunday he was walking from the recording studio to his home in North Hollywood with his sound engineer on Sept. 1 when chaos erupted. They were jumped by men in masks with guns. 

He said after being shot multiple times he was able to slide under the hood of his car so that the shooters did not kill him. 

He thinks the suspects were parked down the street, waiting for him to get home. He believes they targeted him because of posts on social media showcasing money and jewelry. 

"It's upsetting and frustrating that we live in a world where you can't have nice things without looking over your shoulder," said the rapper. 

Police said 26 shots were fired. The sound engineer was shot 10 times and remains in the hospital. 

There have been no arrests in the case. 

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