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Sushi Restaurant Cheers After Woman Punches Angry Customer During His Racist Tirade

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — A racist rant from a customer at a Long Beach sushi bar and restaurant on Mother's Day turned into an all-out brawl that was caught on video.

Ivan Velasco says he had taken his mother out for a Mother's Day dinner at Aburi in Long Beach when an angry customer who had already been kicked out returned to continue his tirade.

The unnamed man apparently became angry over the two-hour wait, then took out his ire on another customer.

"He then starts shouting at them, it's a shouting match back and forth," Velasco said. "And from then on, he says the racial slur that's heard in the video, which, if you were in the room, the moment he said that, everybody was like – the ball dropped. Everyone knew this was something."

In the video, the angry customer can be heard yelling, "C'mon monkey man!" Another customer can be heard urging someone, "hey, don't do it, don't do it. Hey, it's not worth it, it's not worth it, bro."

A woman in red is seen trying to get in between the two men before the angry customer charges another man who is not visible in the video. The woman in red then takes matters into her own hands, punching the angry customer several times as the restaurant erupts into cheers.

"There's a lady who's trying to protect him, the lady winds up hitting him, she's trying to say, 'hey, you don't need this, you don't need this'" Velasco said. "He charges at those two patrons, he keeps saying those slurs, and that's when she loses it, she punches him five times in the face."

The man finally left, and apparently went to call police. Long Beach police would not go into detail about the incident, but say a man and a woman were both issued citations for battery.


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