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Racist Rant Caught On Camera In Garden Grove

GARDEN GROVE (CBSLA) - A bizarre confrontation was caught on camera over the weekend after a neighbor's demands to have his kids clean up their chalk drawings from the back alleys led to a racist rant.

"Tell your kids to stop or I'm gonna..."

Alex Wong says that cell phone video he shot shows the woman in his garage, yelling profanities and hitting his car.

After asking her to leave, she walked back toward him, continuing to hit the vehicle. That's when the rant turned racist.

"I don't think you live here because... you have slanted eyes"

Wong says as the neighbor approached him, yelling racial epithets, he was clipped in on a stationary bike and was unable to move away.

"It was scary because not only was she physically able to push me at one point, as you get closer and closer, but it was like, I didn't want her to spit. I don't know where she's been," said Wong.

Wong says he unclipped from his bike and grabbed a knife as she got close to him and kicked over his fan. Only after that, he says, did they leave.

"I never wanted to result to that, right, and to be honest with you I'm still struggling with the fact that I had the reach for, what in essence is a weapon, to point at somebody and say leave my house."

We tried to speak with a woman caught on cell phone video, who she didn't want to talk on camera. Her husband, who was with the woman at the time, didn't want to share their names, but said Wong was combative and misinterpreted her comments as racist.

"She did that because there was a guy that came here before him who looked like he had slanted eyes, but I said it wasn't the same guy," said the man. "And he just took that as she was racist, but she's not. My wife is not like that at all."

Wong says he reported the hate incident to police. He hasn't decided if he is going to file charges.

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