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Pursuit comes to end after random driver uses truck to block robbery suspect

People react to a pursuit suspect doing a somersault before surrendering to police
People react to a pursuit suspect doing a somersault before surrendering to police 03:51

A lengthy pursuit ended bizarrely in Mid City on Thursday when a random driver used their truck to block a robbery and grand theft auto suspect from escaping. 

Random driver using a truck to block suspect during a pursuit in Mid City.  KCAL News

What appeared to be a green, red and yellow flag flew out of the vehicle's sunroof throughout the pursuit, which started at around 3 p.m. in the South Los Angeles area. 

At first, the driver led officers through L.A. using the I-110 South to get to Compton. He later switched directions and started driving on the I-110 North.

The suspect sped past traffic using the express lane and, at times, the center divider. Someone in the vehicle threw an item out the sunroof near Historic South Central. 

As the pursuit continued, the suspect began to drive well under the speed limit, traveling along the westbound I-10 at under 40 miles per hour, later switching onto the eastbound I-10 Freeway. 

While driving, the suspect rifled through items in his car and started to throw more items out of the window. At one point, he removed his hands from the steering wheel to grab items in the vehicle. 

The driver exited the I-10 freeway and tossed something to a person on the sidewalk.

After tossing the unknown object, the suspect made a U-turn and sped away at extremely high speeds, driving up onto sidewalks and on the wrong side of the road to avoid police. 

Suspect hanging out of the window of a stolen vehicle at the end of a lengthy pursuit.  KCAL News

At about 4:15 p.m., as the suspect attempted to drive around traffic on Crenshaw Boulevard and St. Charles Place in Mid City, a random driver pulled their car in front of the stolen vehicle, prompting the suspect to surrender to police. 

With LAPD officers approaching the vehicle at gunpoint, the suspect could be seen hanging out of the window with his hands on the street and lower body still inside of the car before eventually somersaulting onto the street where he was finally taken into custody. 

As the suspect was handcuffed and placed into the back of an LAPD cruiser, he appeared to be very agitated, shouting at the officers detaining him. 

Police arrested three other people for crimes related to the robbery or the pursuit. 

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