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Public Showers At California State Beaches To Shut Down In Effort To Save Water

LOS ANGELES ( — The state of California has ordered that public showers at state beaches be shut down in an attempt to save water.

Plenty of beach-goers use the showers after trips to the beach to rinse off before heading home, but the order, which takes effect Wednesday, will change that.

"I don't think they should (turn the showers off), beach-goer Madaline Vinson said. "When they kids come out of that salty water they have to shower and stuff, because of all the sand. Me, as a mother, I don't like it in my car."

State officials ordered showers at 38 state beaches to be shut down, which will save an estimated 18 million gallons of water annually.

"Since we're in the drought, it makes sense to me that they would turn off the showers at the parks," beach-goer Angie Redmon said. "It saves water."

Alternative options to the showers have been discussed, including bringing your own water from home for the purpose of rinsing.

Indoor showers at state park campgrounds are not impacted by the new mandate, but officials suggest that could change in the future.

Showers at Los Angeles County beaches will also remain operational until further notice.

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