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Protests Continue Outside Sigma Nu House On USC's Fraternity Row As New Sexual Assault Allegations Emerge

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) - Protests continued on the University of Southern California's fraternity row Monday as more allegations have emerged of alleged sexual assault at multiple houses.

Some students said they're stunned, but not surprised.

"Just cause of the culture we live in and the lack of accountability and then just how DPS responded with giving tips on how not to be raped when should be telling rapists not to rape women," said USC student Natalia Parraz, President of USC FLOW.

Over the weekend, the Campus Department of Public Safety (DPS) confirmed they've contacted the Los Angeles Police Department about a number of new claims of rape and drugging at USC fraternities.

USC Sigma Nu Protests
(credit: CBS)

The new allegations echoed seven reports made last week involving the Sigma Nu fraternity house.

Since then, the university has paused all social activities at fraternities, but some in this crowd said it should be permanent.

"This isn't new. This isn't extraordinary. This has been happening and it's going to continue to happen until we abolish Greek Life," said USC Heidi Atlas.

Oscar Clavijo, another student, concurred.

"I don't think it can exist safely. I think it's inherently meant to oppress and objectify women as it does right now and I just think it should be abolished altogether," he said.

On Monday, the editorial board of the university newspaper agreed. It called for the school to abolish the Interfraternity Council, writing in part:

"Sigma Nu is only one part of an entire institution that perpetrates sexual violence. To prevent such horrific instances in the future, the University must move to dismantle the entire IFC system that upholds this misogynistic framework."

Others, however, said abolishing frats will just transfer the problem.

Protestors on Monday engaged with members of Sigma Nu in what they called a productive conversation about how they can change the culture together.

"Getting rid of the frats isn't gonna solve everything because people who sexually assault will still keep doing it. They'll just find different places to do it," said student Ash Balaganesh said.

Over the past week, students have left notes on the Sigma Nu house, not just notes of protest, but stories about survival. On Monday, they showed up to find that the notes were taken down and fence put up, upsetting many who said they feel like they're being silenced yet again.


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