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Protestors rally for abortion rights in Downtown LA

Abortion rights protest held in Downtown LA
Abortion rights protest held in Downtown LA 02:48

Dozens of protestors gathered in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday to protest for abortion rights in light of a recent judge's decision to invalidate the Federal Drug Administration's approval of the nation's most popular abortion pill — Mifepristone.

This isn't the only court ruling regarding the pill, as another judge ordered that they do nothing to limit the production despite the contradictory ruling.

The rally, hosted by the Freedom Socialist Party and riseup4abortionrights took place outside of the Federal Courthouse before protestors marched the streets holding signs supporting their cause. 

"It's an escalation proving more-so that these Christian theocrats, these Christian fascists, are not going to stop until no woman has access to abortion in this country," said Chantelle Piper, with riseup4abortionrights. 

They're concerned that the Texas judge's ruling to invalidate the FDA's approval could cut off abortion access for millions throughout the United States, including those with miscarriages and other health concerns. 

"This is an intolerable escalation. The potential banning of Mifepristone and this decision that just came out of Amarillo, Texas," Piper said. "This is going to impact already flooded Los Angeles, California clinics, because there's all these women from all over the country that have to travel because in their state abortion is banned."

Protestors held signs that read, "Hands off the abortion pill" and "Defend abortion rights by any means necessary. The REAL POWER is in the streets!"

"For anyone who has a heart and who has humanity, this should not be normalized," said Luna Hernandez, also with riseup4abortionrights. "This should outrage you."

The group was one of many to march throughout the U.S. on Saturday, with more rallies planned in the future as the situation continues to develop in coming days. 

In response to the judge's decision, the California Family Council issued a statement on behalf of their president, Jonathan Keller, which said that the decision is a "victory for the health and safety of women and girls. It simply acknowledges the truth; pregnancy is not a disease and abortion is not a cure."

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