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Protesters Voice Opposition To Gym Owner Hosting Fundraiser For Trump

WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — Some members of SoulCycle and Equinox have canceled their memberships after learning the companies have ties to a fundraiser for President Donald Trump happening Friday in the Hamptons.

Protesters took to the streets outside of the West Hollywood outposts of the high-end fitness chains on Sunset Boulevard shouting slogans such as "Dump Trump," and "Grab 'em by the profits."

The protest came after calls for a boycott on social media earlier this week when it was revealed that Stephen Ross — the majority owner of the parent company for both gyms — was hosting the fundraiser.

"If folks that are working at an Equinox or a SoulCycle studio feel a slight burden or discomfort from this, imagine the people being attacked everyday," Charlie Arrela, a protester, said. "Imagine that small child who actually went home to their parents not being here. That is actual pain."

Arrela said he heard that an instructor at SoulCycle quit after learning of the fundraiser and said others will have to decide what they want to do going forward.

"That's unfortunate position to be in, but again she has a decision to make," he said. "If she sees that the company is hurting, she has a decision to make whether she stays or not."

But there were a few standing in support of Trump as well.

"I'm over here saying stop slandering a good president who is putting Americans first," Harim Uziel said. "Trump is not a racist. He's not against Mexicans he's against illegal aliens."

The Republican Party said it expected to raise $10 million at the fundraiser, but ended up raising $12 million.

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