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Protesters Step Up Campaign On Day That New State Vaccine Law Takes Effect

LOS ANGELES ( — Friday was the first day of the new law requiring all California kids to be vaccinated for them to be allowed to attend school.

Dozens of vaccine opponents gathered by candlelight to mourn the children who, they say, have been injured by vaccines and will continue to be harmed if a new California law is not stopped.

The Santa Monica vigil came just after learning a request for an injunction was filed Friday.

Earlier in the evening, hundreds came to rally, including a producer for "Vaxxed," the anti-vaccination documentary.

Under SB 277, all schoolchildren must be vaccinated regardless of personal or religious beliefs.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill last year, saying the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community.

Anne Marie Nacef disagrees, saying her daughter developed non-verbal low-functioning autism a few days after getting vaccinated.

"She stopped speaking, she began screaming for 8 to 12 hours every day," Nacef said.

Jerry Rubin supports the bill, but came to the rally to hear the other side.

"I think vaccines have been protecting kids for decades and decades," Rubin said.

The bill sponsor, Vaccinate California, maintains its support, saying this marks the start of a healthier, safer California.

The only exemption for the law is for schoolchildren who are dealing with serious health issues.

The shots will be required for students in both public and private schools.

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