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Prominent Restaurant Owner Accused In Deadly Motorcycle Accident

LONG BEACH (  — Officials say a prominent restaurant owner likely caused a deadly accident that killed one motorcyclist and seriously injured another in Long Beach Friday evening.

Police say Nicholas Limer, 68, a well-known businessman and restaurant owner, crashed his Toyota Sequoia into the two cyclists.

The deceased,  35-year-old Taryn Hawk, and the injured man,  30-year-old Joseph Daroza, both live in Huntington Beach.

The accident occurred about 8:45 p.m. in the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Glendora Avenue.

Investigators said both of the cyclists -- described as best friends -- were on Harley Davidsons attempting to cross Glendora on a green light.

Greg Mills, reporting for CBS2, spoke to Daroza's wife. She said he was home from the hospital and physically doing alright.

"The driver could face charges up to vehicular manslaughter, depending on the entire case, and the circumstances the detectives get through their investigation,"  said Sgt. Aaron Eaton of the Long Beach Police Department.

Mills reported the victims and Limer all live within blocks of the accident.

Sgt. Eaton said he expected the case to be turned over to the DA's office later this week.

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