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Pro-Palestinian protesters march onto 101 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles

Pro-Palestinian protesters swarm 101 Freeway and block traffic
Pro-Palestinian protesters swarm 101 Freeway and block traffic 20:48

Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked all northbound lanes on the 101 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles on Monday. 

The demonstration on the major thoroughfare started at about 4:45 p.m.   

The protesters walked from Los Angeles Street near City Hall to the nearby 101 Freeway onramp. Cars came to a screeching halt to avoid crashing into the handful of protesters. Several cars swerved by protesters as they walked across the freeway to the center divider. 

Demonstrators said they were motivated by one of the deadliest attacks in Gaza since the war between Hamas and Israel started last fall. On Sunday, Israel dropped an air strike on a designated safe zone for civilians in Rafah.

"How can I be silent?" protester Maha Afra. "People are still not paying attention."

Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked the northbound lanes of the freeway on Monday.  KCAL News

Many started waving flags in front of drivers, while more stayed on the sidewalk above the freeway. At times, protesters deliberately stepped in front of moving vehicles as they tried to pass through. 

After a brief altercation with a motorcyclist, the protesters moved to the shoulder but still blocked one traffic lane. 

Shortly after, the protesters walked off the freeway, allowing traffic to pass. 

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