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Private School Teachers Thrust Into Limelight With 'Ghostbusters' Single

NORTH HOLLYWOOD ( — Three private school teachers in North Hollywood are on cloud nine after their song appeared in the new "Ghostbusters" movie.

Drummer Nicola Berlinsky, singer Joanie Pimentel and her sister, guitarist Lisa Pimentel, formed a band four years ago.

It's called "No Small Children." The name was conceived around Mother's Day.

"It was the Friday before Mother's Day and we don't have kids and we were feeling a little blue about it. We said, 'You know, let's do something about this. Let's do something inclusive and awesome and we decided to go into the studio and play music together,' "

But not just any music.

"It had to be punk rock. It had to be like … how can we just feel better and be angry," said Lisa Pimentel. "That's how it all started out."

Earlier this month, they were invited to the red carpet event.

"As we were walking the red carpet, they played our song three times in a row," Berlinsky said. "It was so surreal."

The "Ghostbusters" song came out of Halloween costumes for the teachers.

"We went as Ghosbusters and then we played Ghostbusters," said Lisa Pimentel.

The women recorded the song and handed it off to a student's father, who happens to be composer Theodore Shapiro.

"We said, 'No pressure. If you hate it, no problem,' " Berlinsky said. "And there it went. And six months later, we get a call."

Their version of the Ray Parker Jr. original was played during the credits of the remake.

"The first thing we saw was the credits. The music credits. And it had our name up there, which was … I felt like we were shot out of a cannon in that moment. And then, after that, we heard it playing … it was beyond thrilling," Joanie Pimentel said.

"Until we saw our name on the screen, I wasn't sure it was going to happen," joked Berlinsky.

And the excitement isn't over for these ladies: RCA is releasing their single.

They kick off their East Coast tour next month: specifically, 11 cities in 15 days!

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