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Privacy Breach at Beverly Hills Clinic Puts Thousands of Patients, Some Celebrities, at Risk

LOS ANGELES ( — A massive privacy breach at an exclusive Rodeo Drive plastic surgery clinic has put thousands of patients at risk, including some of L.A.'s most rich and famous.

A spokesperson for Dr. Kadri says some of his clients are celebrities whose medical records may now be in jeopardy. That's because the records of 15,000 patients were stolen -- they say by a disgruntled former staffer fired for allegedly stealing from the practice.

Videos posted online show Dr. Kadri in action -- performing a number of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries at his clinic.

A spokesperson says the staffer not only stole financial information from the practice and the patients but also took photos of patients during surgeries while they were unconscious and posted the pictures on social media. They uncovered her alleged actions during a company audit and found the photos on a company phone.

Dr. Kadri's office said they reported the records theft to LASD and are now racing to alert patients about the breach.

It was not immediately clear if charges would be filed.

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