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Princess Launches First Cruise Ship Since Start Of Pandemic Out Of LA Port

SAN PEDRO (CBSLA) - Princess Cruises will launched its first cruise ship since the start of the pandemic out of the Port of Los Angeles Saturday. The 951-foot Grand Princess will set sail on a five-day trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

All passengers must show proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 test results before boarding.

"Kind of shocked to be the first ones out of this port because we thought we were going to get cancelled...all of the cruise ships before us got cancelled and we are lucky enough to still be going," said passenger Jennifer Ovadia.

Boarding looked different as masked passengers were required to show proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 tests at least two days prior.

The vessel holds around 2,600 people, but is only operating to about 60% to 75% capacity for social distancing and other coronavirus protocols.

The president of Princess Cruises, Jan Swatrz said they worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and made a number of upgrades to ensure a fun, yet safe, trip.

"Keyless entry to their cabin door, truly touchless payment and all sorts of services. Masks are required in the more dense locations onboard, but of course not while eating or drinking," Swartz said.

Passengers onboard said they feel safe because of the precautions taken to help keep everyone safe.

"Knowing that everybody's vaccinated, we have to have a COVID test two days ahead of time, you know, it's very, very much a safe environment," passenger James Cervantes said.

The Grand Princess departs nearly five weeks after the Carnival Panorama took off from the Port of Long Beach: the first cruise ship to do so since the pandemic.

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