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President's Weekly Address and Democratic Weekly Address - 7/28/17

WASHINGTON ( — Transcript of the weekly address to the nation by President Donald J. Trump, released Friday, July 28, 2017.

My fellow Americans,

This past week, we have celebrated, saluted, and honored American heroes who have devoted their lives to God, Family, and Country.

Aboard USS Gerald R. Ford, we saluted those who will defend our flag on the newest and most advanced aircraft carrier in the history of our world.

In Ohio, I delivered a very special award to a heroic military survivor from the Pearl Harbor attack – long ago, but he is still in great shape.

At the White House, we have bestowed the Medal of Valor on the brave police officers who saved so many lives after a gunman opened fire on lawmakers during a Congressional baseball practice – they were very, very brave, and they truly did save lives.

And today in New York, we thank the law enforcement officers who are going after violent criminals and MS-13 gang members and restoring safety and peace to our communities.

All American heroes – whether they patrol the oceans, protect our Capitol, safeguard our streets, or serve in many other ways – share a common bond: They believe in America, they love our citizens, and they will stop at nothing to defend our safety and our freedom.

That is why we honor our heroes and work hard every day to build an America that is worthy of their sacrifices.

The source of America's strength is found in the spirit of our people. The heroes among us represent that American spirit: courage, love, and sacrifice. Our hearts are filled with pride and gratitude for all those who, for over two centuries, have secured our nation and protected our citizens.

Throughout our history, heroes have answered the call of duty to defend our country in its hour of need – and they're always there for us. And frankly, one of the great privileges and joys of serving as President of the United States is getting to spend time with these incredible Americans.

Our heroes show us who we are as a nation and a people. They remind us that every citizen is capable of greatness, and they renew the promise that America will grow stronger and greater than ever before – and that's what we're doing right now. Look at all the jobs that are coming in. Look at what's happening with the stock markets. Look at so many things, where we're just getting bigger, better, and stronger – and never, ever forget our military, where we're adding billions and billions of dollars of new planes, new ships, and new equipment for our great soldiers and military personnel.

After all, heroes are Made in America, and we have to take care of our heroes.

Thank you and God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.


Delivered by Rep. Betty McCollum (MN-04) on Friday, July 28, 2017

Democratic Weekly Address: Betty McCollum (MN) by House Democrats on YouTube

"Hello, I'm Betty McCollum. In Congress, I represent the hardworking families of St. Paul, Minnesota and its surrounding communities.

"Minnesota has beautiful summers and really cold winters. But no matter the weather, we get up every day and head to our jobs with the expectation of getting our work done.

"That's the exact opposite of what's happening right now in Republican-controlled Washington.

"This week I found myself agreeing with Senator John McCain when he delivered a blunt statement to his own party: 'We are getting nothing done.'

"The American people expect Congress and the White House to do the people's business

"Instead, we have a do-nothing Congress and a President who offers inappropriate insults, rather than inspired ideas.

"No matter where you live – a big city, the suburbs, a rural community, or a tribal nation – you know that our families, students, seniors, and small business owners are facing real challenges.

"For too many people, wages are not growing fast enough to keep up with the cost of living.

"Many businesses can't find workers with the required skills. Too often workers can't afford the education and training they need to secure better-paying jobs.

"Drug companies are gouging us with skyrocketing prescription drug prices.

"And, across the country, our economy is being held back by outdated infrastructure and a widening digital divide.

"President Trump and Republicans have no solutions to address these problems.

"In fact, the chaos Republicans are causing is denying families, businesses, and communities the certainty they need to invest in the future.

"The American people deserve a better deal.

"Like many of you, I come from a working class family. Growing up in South St. Paul, my family struggled.

"As a young mom, I raised my kids, worked at Sears, and went back to college – all at the same time.

"When my kids got sick, we took the bus to go see the doctor.

"I know my story isn't unusual. Americans work hard every day to support our families. All the while, we keep our eyes focused on a better future.

"But there are times when life is not easy and we can all use a little help.

"That's why House and Senate Democrats came together this week to announce A Better Deal for America's families.

"Democrats in Congress are taking on the real challenges facing America and finding solutions that are responsible, compassionate, and effective.

"The bickering, name calling, and game playing in Washington – it needs to end. It's time to get to work!

"Democrats believe every American can contribute to the success of our nation. That starts by ensuring everyone has the skills they need to get a good-paying job and climb the career ladder.

"Democrats are determined to lower the cost of college, create more skilled apprenticeships, and make it easier for businesses to train workers.

"Democrats are ready to invest in modern infrastructure, the roads, bridges, and transit system of tomorrow. And we want to expand high-speed internet to every corner of America. These investments will move our economy forward and support millions of jobs.

"Democrats will put your families first by cracking down on unfair foreign trade, corporations that ship jobs overseas, and drug companies that gouge patients.

"In the heartland, we expect our leaders to respond to the challenges we face rather than catering to billionaires and Wall Street.

"We expect the federal government to be a partner that works with farmers and Main Street businesses, helps families afford career training and college, and makes sure veterans receive the benefits they have earned.

"We know that protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink is good for all of us.

"And we know that every American family needs affordable, quality healthcare.

"Yet Republicans keep putting the 1 percent first. They are still pushing failed trickle-down policies and rolling back the protections that Americans count on.

"This week, Members of Congress begin going home for the August recess.

"This is a chance for citizens to hold their Senators and Representatives accountable by asking tough questions: What are you doing to help working families get ahead? What are you doing to protect my family's healthcare?

"You deserve answers. And you deserve a better deal than the one you are getting now.

"That's exactly what Democrats are working for: better jobs, better wages, and a better future for every American.

"Thank you for listening."


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