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President Obama Makes Surprise Stop At Canter's Deli

LOS ANGELES ( — President Barack Obama Thursday made a surprise visit to a famous Southland deli.

The president stopped at Canter's Deli, 419 N. Fairfax Avenue, where he mingled with patrons for an impromptu lunch.

Obama walked in a shook hands with line cooks before moving into the dining area.

At the first booth, Obama stopped to talk to two older gentlemen, who asked him about his basketball game.

"My shot's broke," Obama said holding up his arm like he was shooting a free throw.

"It's my elbow. It starts flaring up," he went on moving his elbow to the side. "It's my age."

Diners captured the moment on their cell phones with pictures of the president hitting social media websites in seconds.

President Obama also posed for pictures with every employee, all 150 of them.

CBS2's Amy Johnson said the president ordered hot tea and pastries to go. What? No corned beef and pastrami!?

He ordered from server Jeff Whitesell who said he was a great to wait on.

"I was totally nervous, but he was awesome, he made it a good time. He was really nice," said Whitesell.

Preident Obama was in town for a two-day fundraising trip, his 19th since taking office in 2009.

It was Canter's third presidential visit. Alex Canter told Johnson that John Kennedy and Richard Nixon were previous visitors.

The president also reached in and pulled out to $20 to pay for a homeless person's meal.

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