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Prankster Posts Hilarious Signs At East LA Supermarket

EAST LOS ANGELES ( — A local blogger is taking credit for some quirky signs that appeared at a Vons grocery store in East L.A.

» PHOTOS: Silly Signs May Have Shoppers Doing Double-Take

Jeff Wysaski says on his Tumblr account "Obvious Plant" that he tagged the aisles with shopping tips, including food-related pick-up lines and other ways to play with your food.

One such gem: "'Accidentally' buy the potato chips your spouse doesn't like so you don't have to share."

Prankster Posts Hilarious Signs At East LA Supermarket
(photo credit: Jeff Wysaski/Obvious Plant)

Another tip: "Try to fill that eternal pit of sadness inside you with cookies."

Wysaski added PLU numbers to the tags to give them a convincing appearance but admits he didn't get the store's approval before posting them.

He says no one has contacted him from Vons.

The comedian has made it a habit of going out and posting satirical or bizarre signage across Los Angeles. In a flier offering water-saving tips, he writes: "Conserve toilet water by switching to diapers" and "Fill your kid's water gun with Cherry Coke."

"I have been scolded a couple times after the fact," the blogger told's Deborah Meron. "But most of the time people and employees have a positive response to the fliers and signs."

It's unclear if anyone has told the store about their unofficial "shopping tips."

We wonder if anyone actually took the advice to "Have some fun. Pick up a baguette. Toss one to a stranger. Pretend they're lightsabers and duel it out in the bread aisle." And the best part was Jeff Wysaski's bonus tip: "Call yourself Luke RyeWalker or Naan Solo."

To see the rest of the signs click here.

Article by Online Producer Deborah Meron.

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