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Pot Parties Educate Seniors About Cannabis Benefits

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Many baby boomers are now lighting up.

From getting high to curbing pain, these grandparents are getting a chronic lesson in weed at pot parties that take place at their homes.

CBSLA's Jasmine Viel visited a party where grandparents got educated on the health benefits of cannabis.

"So what you guys are drinking is CBD water. It's made from the hemp plant. It's absolutely not psychoactive," said Catherine Goldberg, who educates active seniors on the health benefits of the cannabis plant in the comfort of their living rooms.

"What we've found is that when you combine THC and CBD, that's when you get the real benefits," said Goldberg.

"I'm one of those people who never did any pot in his life 70 some years on," said Alan Brause.

Brause says his wife Lois once bought him a CBD salve for his arthritis but didn't find it helpful.

"It feels like it might be doing a little something but then after that I don't know," said Brause.

Goldberg explained that his hand salve wasn't strong enough and explained a 1 to 1 ratio of THC to CBD might have a stronger impact.

Although none of the guests experiment with psychoactive products at these parties, they are familiarized with products that can make you high.

Mozen vape pens were created by brothers Mike and Brian Davis, who've been dabbling in marijuana use since they were teens.

"Mozen means balance in Hebrew," said Davis.

Last year the Davis brothers met Goldberg, who was educating groups from temple on Friday and Saturday nights.

"So I started these events called Pot Shabbat and High Havdalah," said Davis.

They were impressed with Goldberg's simple explanations and asked her to join the Mozen team.

"So it's this idea that you can create recipes with not only different amounts of THC and CBD but combine them with these terpenes. Then you get into these really cool effects," said Goldberg.

Goldberg explains the Mozen vape pens contain terpenes -- organic molecules found in plants that give them smell. Myrcene is a terpene found in mangos.

"We load up the good night pen with myrcene and there's a little bit of linalool which is found in lavender. So the good night pen will knock you out," said Goldberg.

Which is great news for seniors who struggle with insomnia like Barbara Weinbaum, who drinks water with added THC before bed.

"I do that and in addition I have a gummy and edible or a couple of hits off of the vape," said Weinbaum.

Goldberg's advice is to talk to your doctor about slowly introducing cannabis into your life and be open-minded.

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