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Portable, Non-Invasive Security Scanners Make Their Debut In LA Bus, Train Stations

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A portable, non-invasive scanner that can detect a threat from 30 feet away will soon protect Metro's bus and train riders.

Metro says they're the first surface transportation agency to buy several Thruvision TAC-TS4 portable terahertz millimeter wave passenger screening devices, or ThruVis, which can detect improvised explosive devices or other weapons that could be used in a terrorist attack.

The agency -- which operates buses, subways and light rail lines throughout Los Angeles County – has been testing a variety of security systems since last year. The ThruVis devices were tested at the 7th Street/Metro Center Station in March.

Metro ThruVis scanner
(credit: Metro)

The portable devices can identify both metallic and non-metallic objects by detecting whether they block the naturally-occurring waves produced by a person's body, according to Metro.

Officials say they don't emit radiation and do not display anatomical detail, allowing law enforcement officers and Metro security to screen public transportation passengers without disrupting foot traffic.

The technology, which has been extensively tested by the TSA, was also tested in New York, but will be implemented first in Los Angeles.

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