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Popular Porto's Bakery Opens In Orange County And Opening Day Lines Snake Around The Block

BUENA PARK (  — If you have to ask what Porto's is, this story will likely not concern you.

But the news that the popular bakery chain was opening its first-ever store in Buena Park had devotees lining up.

Some people waited in line for as much as four hours to buy the Cuban pastries.

CBS2's Michele Gile spoke to Crystal Loredo, the first person to arrive this morning, at 4:50 a.m.

"But don't tell anyone," she said, laughing, "We'll just keep that on the low."

The Orange County store is the fourth in the chain, and the largest.

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Loredo, like most people in line, came for the popular cheese pastries. The cheese roll is puff pastry filled with cream cheese and only $.80.

"I've also heard a lot about the potato balls," she said, "and I've heard they now have seafood potato balls. So, I'm excited about trying something new."

Betty Porto is one of three siblings that run the company. For her an opening never gets old.

"Every time we open one of these stores," Porto said, "It's the same feeling, because it's like we're starting over again. What gets me is that time after time, people are willing to come -- I came here at 4 in the morning -- and they were lining up around the block."

Porto says the bakery sells more than a million cheese rolls a month.

Cuban-born actor Andy Garcia is a huge Porto's fan and he made the trek to the new eatery.

He knows why the place is such a hit.

"I think not only the quality and the taste but also the price points that they give the public," Garcia said, "the service they give the public, how easy it is to get through here. Even though you see a huge line, it moves quicker than Disneyland. They just know how to do it, they care about it."

The three previous Porto's bakeries are located in Burbank, Glendale and Downey. For more on Porto's, click here.




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