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Pool Man Severely Injured By Dog While Working In Riverside County

RIVERSIDE COUNTY ( — Animal-control officers confiscated an 8-year-old dog Thursday after it attacked and severely injured a pool-cleaning worker at a residence Wednesday night.

According to Riverside County Animal Services, the attack occurred just before 5 p.m. Wednesday in the 4000 block of Sandia Creek Drive in the unincorporated area known as De Luz.

The victim was cleaning the pool for several minutes when Pigbert, a pit bull and Labrador mix, appeared behind him showing signs of aggression, officers said.

Officials explained the victim had attempted to keep distance between Pigbert and himself but lost his footing, fell and was attacked by the dog.

"The man was attacked for about a minute, maybe longer, when he was finally able to push the dog away and leap a fence to avoid further injuries," said Animal Control Officer Carra Mathewson.

According to authorities, Pigbert caused serious injuries to the victim's right arm, punctured his right thigh and also lacerated the right side of his face in several spots.

Animal-control officers said the dog's owner carried Pigbert from the property to an animal-control truck, where officers were forced to use their control sticks to kennel the dog.

dog restrained
(credit: Riverside County Animal Services)

The victim had worked at the property multiple times before Wednesday's attack and had advised the owner of Pigbert's aggressive tendencies, animal-control officers said.

The victim had also requested that Pigbert be restrained while he was working at the residence.

Riverside County Animal Services did not initially receive a call about the attack Wednesday night.

A nurse from where the victim is hospitalized contacted the department onThursday, officers said.

Authorities said there are no records of prior incidents involving Pigbert, who will be held in a quarantined area at a county shelter in San Jacinto pending a hearing.

At the hearing, officials will either recommend that Pigbert be humanely euthanized due to the severity of the victim's injuries or be returned to the owner under strict guidelines.

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