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Politicon Kicks Off In Pasadena

PASADENA ( — Protesters made a scene Saturday at Politicon -- a two-day political convention in Pasadena.

The demonstrators disrupted a panel featuring conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

Wearing swastikas and shouting "our Nazi leader!," a couple shocked the packed ballroom but were quickly shouted down with chants of "USA! USA!."

Before Coulter could hit the reset button, another couple offered their unsolicited agenda.

"Trump, Pence must go!," they shouted. They were also quickly outshouted with chants of "Trump! Trump!" and then booted out.

Organizers say Politicon is a political convention for all.

Republicans. Democrats. Comedians. Commentators. Kind of a Comic-Con for politics.

It's an unusual mix -- from superheroes to elder statesmen.

Politicon has a reputation for reasoned airing of political differences. A place where ideas and ideology are discussed.

"Giving people the opportunity to hear the other side. Not just hear a cartoon version of the other side," said Stephen Deagle, who's attended two of the three Politicons in Pasadena.

They tackle timely topics: The place was packed for Coulter.

Patrick Lindsay wanted to get Coulter's take on censorship on campus.

"I think our First Amendment is under attack right now," said Lindsay.

Some panels featured big names. Others didn't.

"A lot of people were talking about the fact that new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was not here. He was supposed to be here but he backed out at the last minute," said one attendee. "But I think I feel like I've heard enough of him this week to be honest."

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