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The Los Angeles Political Roast To Benefit American Diabetes

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — 2011 marks the 14th Annual Los Angeles Political Roast to benefit the American Diabetes Association.

When Arnie Berghoff's daughter Laura was four years old, she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Ten years later, written down on the back of a napkin, Arnie came up with a unique idea – a political roast that could double as a fundraiser for diabetes. Arnie asked Harvey Englander and Mitch Englander to be Co-chairs of the first Los Angeles Political Roast in 1998. It has been held every year since as a benefit for the ADA and has consistently been a sold out event!

For one night, the Roast brings together over 1,000 individuals from the world of politics, philanthropy and business to roast a Los Angeles city or county leader and poke fun at colleagues. People put rancorous, partisan politics aside and join together in the effort to find a cure for diabetes.

For more information, visit: Arnie Berghoff & Associates.

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