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Police searching for suspects who have vandalized dozens of Playa del Rey cars in recent weeks

Dozens of cars vandalized overnight in Playa del Rey
Dozens of cars vandalized overnight in Playa del Rey 02:55

Los Angeles police are searching for multiple suspects who they believe is connected to nearly two dozen vandalized cars in Playa del Rey.

They say that in the last couple of days there have been at least 23 different cars that were broken into or had their windows smashed during two separate crime sprees within a one-mile area.

Some of the 18 cars vandalized early Sunday morning in Playa del Rey.  KCAL News

Overnight patrols spotted a few cracked windows in the area overnight, and by 8:30 a.m. Los Angeles Police Department dispatchers were being flooded with calls from residents in the Playa del Rey area where 18 cars were damaged in the span of 30 minutes early Sunday morning. 

"My car actually didn't have anything taken out of it, along with my friend's, so it just seems kind of like a bit of senseless vandalism considering there wasn't really anything in my car," said Bailey Carter, who lives in the neighborhood. 

Security cameras in the area captured some of the moments that cars were broken into a little before 6 a.m. up and down Surf Street and Trolley Place. The videos show the suspects making their way down rows of parked cars, using flashlight to peer inside before breaking windows. 

You could hear car windows shattering in the videos, but no car alarms sounded during the repeat vandalism, and no residents say that they heard any themselves, leaving them wondering if there's some sort of tool or technique allowing them to quietly gain entry. 

Surveillance footage showing two of the suspects near cars that were broken into early Sunday morning in Playa del Rey.  KCAL News

One resident says he walked outside while the crimes were still happening. 

"I walked out to check a car and actually thought it was someone coming to look at their car that got broken into, but it was one of the guys still here breaking windows, looking through the cars," said Trent. "So, I kinda yelled at him and he just looked over at me and just casually went about his business."

By that time, police were already on their way, but the suspects were gone by the time they arrived. 

"It's really frustrating when you just are sleeping and people are out here kind of casually busting windows out and getting away with it," Trent said. "You just kind of feel like there's nothing you can do about it."

LAPD added two extra patrols in the area, and they're working to come up with a plan to handle the area in the hours when the crimes seem to be happening most frequently. 

They were unable to provide any information on the suspects and are hopeful that someone from the public can come forward to help their investigation. 

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