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Police Searching For Man Who Left $8,000 In Cash At Denny's Diner In Westchester

WESTCHESTER ( — A search is underway to find the rightful owner of $8,000 that was left in a booth at a Denny's Diner in Westchester.

The money was discovered at the restaurant on Century Boulevard near the Los Angeles International Airport Dec. 19.

he person who found the money turned it into police.

Customers say they're surprised someone would forget that kind of money but agree turning it in was the right thing to do.

"You know, $8,000 is $8,000 but I would though, you know? Because you never know what the person might be going through. They might have to pay rent. You just have to take that into account," said Israel Ruiz, a customer.

Police say they must do everything in their power to find their rightful owner. But now, three months later, if he doesn't come forward, the person who found it will be allowed to keep the small treasure.

"I would have been like, 'Oh my God, somebody left this amount of money right here,' " said Robin Gillette, another customer.

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