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Police Search For Men Who Tried (Twice) To Steal ATM, Safes From Marijuana Dispensary

LOS ANGELES (  —  Police are on the hunt for some thieves who believe in the old adage that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Authorities said a group of men broke into a marijuana dispensary located in the 5100 block of Venice Boulevard in Mid-City and tried to drag the business' ATM and two safes out the front door. At least they got as far as the front door on their second try.

They failed in their first attempt. The caper was caught on surveillance camera.

KCAL9's Peter Daut reported that the second attempt less than 48 hours later was also caught on tape. Same seven men, same M.O.

"I was watching it the whole time," business owner Didi Chin said.

The owner of Holly Weed says she called police as soon as the group of men broke into her business the early morning of March 6.

She watched the security-camera feed from home and told police exactly what she was seeing.

"I was scared, and I was really, really furious, too," she told Daut.

Chin says the same burglars tried to break in less than 24 hours earlier but they could not get inside. Chin's gut told her they'd be back, and she was right.

The surveillance video shows the men, some with faces uncovered, breka down a door and try to steal the ATM.

Dust flies everywhere, and they eventually give up. They then go into another room focusing on the small safes, one labeled "Holly," the other "Weed."

They push the safes down the hall and outside onto the curb, where a lookout stands next to a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Police arrive and the would-be thieves take off, leaving the safes behind.

Daut says the business is within walking distance of the police station. That's another reason why Chin says the burglars are brazen.

"That's the most scary part; they don't care if they get caught or not," Chin says.

After all their trouble, Chin says, the burglars only got away with an iPad.

And she says all the safes were empty.

She has also installed extra security measures.

If you recognize the suspects, police want you to give authorities a call.

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