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SWAT Moves In, Ends Hostage Situation In Redlands By Fatally Shooting Suspect After He Allegedly Shot Ex

REDLANDS ( —     SWAT officers ended a hostage situation in Redlands Thursday by fatally shooting the suspect after they said he shot his female hostage -- his ex girlfriend -- outside the Office Depot she worked.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's said the man had apparently taken an ex-girlfriend hostage after firing a shot at her inside the Redlands store located in the 600 block of Orange Street.

The shot injured a bystander in the hand, but not seriously.

Officials say the suspect -- believed to be 20-years-old -- was contained near the store.

Deputies said the man was holding his ex hostage and Sky9's Stu Mundel said the suspect repeatedly threatened to harm the woman.

Officials told KCAL9's Crystal Cruz the suspect -- now identified as Andrew Mike -- shot hostage and ex Kristin Bauer at one point during the siege.

Cruz reported that Bauer is in critical condition.

Witnesses said the shooting following an argument between the suspect and the ex inside the store.

About 4:30 p.m., after he took Bauer out of the store, SWAT moved in and rescued the woman, authorities said.

Kristin's father told Cruz the couple had been going through a rough patch, possibly a break up, but he didn't see this coming.

"The kid's a good a kid. Something triggered him, he was nothing like this," said Gregory Bauer, Kristin's dad.

Bauer says he got a phone call from his 28-year-daughter while she was working at the Office Depot and the call wasn't good.

Gregory Bauer
(credit: CBS)

"She told me that he tried to shoot her. I don't know what that entails. I asked if she called the police and she said yes and that her manager was on the phone with the police and the phone went dead," Bauer said.

Kristen's boyfriend took her out of the store at gunpoint but not before firing a shot in the store that injured the bystander. The shot also caught shoppers attention.

"Right after I walked in the store I heard a loud pop. To me it sounded like a giant bubble wrap had been popped and I thought somebody was playing a joke then the employees started running and they said get out, get out, so I ran with them," said Marty Fisher, a shopper.

About a block away from the store, officers tried to convince Mike to let Bauer go. She was shot while being taken hostage.

At a press conference, Cruz asked the chief of Redlands Police if Kristin was shot by her boyfriend or officers.

"We believe she was shot by the suspect," said Police Chief Mark Garcia.

Garcia also confirmed that officers fired "multiple shots" at Mike.

The chief was not aware if Mike fired back at officers.

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